Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Grand Cat

Meet 'Woody' my sweet, adorable Grand-Cat. He lives in Plymouth MA where he was rescued [with his brother and sister] by my sweet, adorable Granddaughter, Skylar, after being abandoned in the woods. Thus, the name 'Woody', a much more appropriate name than the one my sweet, adorable daughter-n-Law, Faith, came up with, which was 'Brian'. What?! I think her biological clock was ticking or something, but that's all good because she is VERY pregnant with my soon-to-be, sweet, adorable granddaughter, Tatum! You don't even want to know the name that my not-always-so-sweet, adorable Son, Shanen, came up with. Sometimes I think he may have been raised by aliens when I wasn't looking. And guess what, the cat LOVES him the most!
Anyway, here he inspiration for thinking that I could actually become a cat-owner or owned by a cat, some day. I love this photo, it has made the perfect Halloween Card, an hypnotic  face you just can't resist....

There's no doubt, cat's love Halloween too. Well, at least the candy part, and one thing is for sure, they get first pick!
And they can own the whole basket if they so desire!

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