Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Son, Shanen!

August 30
The 34th Anniversary of His 1st Birthday,
A 21 Year Old With 14 Years of Experience,
35 Years of Age..
[That's 2

At Any Age,
He'll Always Be
My Sweet Boy!

Nothing is worth more than this day!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ideas for Determining Your ‘Hattitude’

Ideas for Determining Your 'Hattitude'
  • Try on the hat from every angle; you are not limited to having the label in the back.
  • Use those 3-way mirrors. See that hat from EVERY direction.
  • Are you a more out-going "in your face" type of gal? If so, put that bow/flower/whatever up front and center.
  • Do you prefer to be a bit more coy or demur? If so, place the decoration in the back. Walk on by; knowing the "surprise" you're giving the viewing audience.
  • Then again, you might feel you're somewhere in between the above hattitudes. Try the decoration on either side and let your admirers see you coming and going.
  • Flip soft brims up, down, or part up and part down.
  • Play with the position of your hat; consider wearing it at an angle. A jaunty even lopsided look gives your hat more pizzazz…and you along with it!
  • Never wear your hat on the back of your head so that only the underside of the hat can be seen. That's for little girls only. Wear it straight on the head or tilted mysteriously over one eye.

    Decide what works best for you! Your comfort zone is ultimately what matters most….and it will vary from hat to hat and occasion to occasion.

    Bottom line; just wear them when and where you're comfortable…

    And don't forget that million dollar smile!!!

    Thank YOU Gracelyn for that Million dollar smile!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

10 Gallon Hat

Q: How much does a 10 Gallon Hat hold?

A: A Ten Gallon Hat holds 3/4 gallon, or 3 quarts.


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