Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For The More Discerning "We-otch"

Brew up some fun this Fall in a Wickedly Delightful Hat for the more discerning "We-otch"!!
Check out my latest additions to the shop......


Monday, September 28, 2009

My 'Stay-cation' To Foggia, Italy

It's been a very busy and productive summer and, although we did not get out of town much, I enjoyed the opportunity to travel and meet new friends via 'Stay-cations'!! No packing, no standing in security lines, no delays, no jet lag, no crowds and no worrying about the price of gas. Best of all, I had a wonderful time, from the comfort of my own home!
One of my favorite places is Foggia, Italy where I met a fabulous jewelry artist: Valentina. She is incredibly creative, and not only are her prices fantastic, she offers free shipping!
Here is a sampling of some of my shopping.....

Stop by her shop at  http://www.FridaWer.etsy.com You'll be amazed at what you find! Enjoy!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

October 17.... A Hauntingtly Magical Celebration


"Really Incredible Partay"

Time for an Open House..

Haute not Haunted!

The Blogs Will Be Alive

With Creative Flair

As We Use Our Powers

For Good, Not Evil

And Brew Up a Fun Day

Please Join Us for

A Gathering of Ghoul Friends,

Devilish Diva's, Broomstick Beauties,

Howling Honey's, Macabre Ma Ma's,

Booooootiful Babes, Sexy Spirits,

And Goddesses of Goodness..

All Countesses of Their Craft

You Might Even Find a

Few Gents of Evil Distinction,

Highly Intelligent and Exceedingly Sociable.

Saturday October 17th

Sun Up 'thru Sun Down

To Sun Up Again If You So Desire!

It's All So Wickedly Delightful, 

So Stop In and Set a Spell,

We're Dying to See You!

If You Can't Spend an Eternity With Us…

Just Do a Fly By!

Be sure to leave your comments though,
don't make me have to drop a house on you!

Followers Always Welcome
Enjoy and Share The Pretties in My Shop


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