Monday, September 28, 2009

My 'Stay-cation' To Foggia, Italy

It's been a very busy and productive summer and, although we did not get out of town much, I enjoyed the opportunity to travel and meet new friends via 'Stay-cations'!! No packing, no standing in security lines, no delays, no jet lag, no crowds and no worrying about the price of gas. Best of all, I had a wonderful time, from the comfort of my own home!
One of my favorite places is Foggia, Italy where I met a fabulous jewelry artist: Valentina. She is incredibly creative, and not only are her prices fantastic, she offers free shipping!
Here is a sampling of some of my shopping.....

Stop by her shop at You'll be amazed at what you find! Enjoy!!

1 comment:

  1. :D!!!!!
    Jackie I did not expect a surprise like that!
    I'm so really a nice surprise!
    thank you very much
    You know, I've done a travel similar to yours! And I met wonderful people, kind and YOU!
    Thank you again my friend!

    I'm sending you a big hug
    See you soon Jackie :)

    P.S I Love your blog because is very nice and sunny...congratulations!

    Baci Baci

    Valentina aka FridaWer



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